Genesis 950 Concentrate Review

Genesis 950 provided me with a bottle of Genesis 950 Concentrate for this review. The opinions I express in this review are my own.


Genesis 950® is an eco-friendly cleaner which doesn’t contain any alcohol, ammonia or bleach. This means that it will leave your home free of harmful toxins, odors or dangerous chemicals.

It works both for carpet cleaning (in your steam cleaner), and other types of spot cleaning. It safely removes grease, grime, soot, ink, tar, vegetable oils and insect residue.

Genesis® 950 Concentrate is a cleaner, stain remover and degreaser. This cleaner makes the toughest cleaning job fast with truly amazing results. – Genesis 950

My Experience with Genesis 950

My husband and I are in our office more than almost any other room in our house, and it is really starting to show on our carpet.

Although we have a “take shoes off at the door” rule, sometimes he leaves his shoes on (even with my nagging gentle reminders) and the carpet in our office has started to show some stains under his desk from dirt, spills and who-knows-what.


I used Genesis 950 with my carpet steam cleaner to clean one of the worst spots and here are the results:


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The majority of the dirt and grime is gone.

There are a few small spots left of what was once chocolate (I hope!) that remain after the initial cleaning and water rinse, but I have a feeling that they will come out with a good spot cleaning.

I used Genesis 950 to test out a few other cleaning chores: the grease under my range hood, my kitchen counter tops and around the edge of my stainless steel sink and it worked great. The grease from under the range hood just slid right off.

Genesis 950 did have a pretty strong “cleaning product” scent, but it went away after a few hours after carpet cleaning.

Initially, I was intrigued with Genesis 950 because it’s an all-purpose cleaner. I’m a huge fan of efficiency and anything multi-purpose.

After having used it, I am even more of a fan because it’s eco-friendly and free of toxic chemicals.

I like a clean-clean house as much as the next guy, but have recently been making an effort to become more aware of the harmful chemicals that are in my go-to cleaning products and am trying to incorporate more natural and chemical-free cleaning products into my home.

Overall, I was really impressed with Genesis 950. It is an effective cleaner and I will be keeping it on hand for my big and little cleaning jobs.

Ready? Check out Genesis 950

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly carpet and all-purpose cleaner, stop by Genesis 950 today.

Gensis 950 is available for purchase in pints, quarts, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallons and 5 gallon sizes.

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