Best Places to List Blog Giveaways, Sweepstakes and Contests For Results

Best Places to List Giveaways For Results

Updated June 2018

I’m often asked for recommendations of other sites where giveaway hosts can promote and list blog giveaways, Amazon giveaways, sweepstakes and contests to get results.

You’ve all seen websites that contain gigantic lists of every single giveaway directory, giveaway listing site and linky you can find. Talk about overwhelming!

If you’ve ever gone down the list submitting your giveaway to a large amount of those sites, you know that it’s time-consuming and frustrating. You can easily spend hours and hours submitting your give aways, but may only see a handful of visits come out of your hard work.

All giveaway, sweeps, and contest listing sites are not created equal.

I’ve tried them all. Some of them require registrations, others require reciprocal links or buttons.

Several sites will list your giveaway at no cost, but only approve a handful of giveaways per day, and you’ll find that there are many, many others that just aren’t actively maintained anymore.

I’ve analyzed the results of listing my giveaways on other sites, taking into consideration ease of use of the website and submission form, their social media promotion reach, reader engagement and Alexa traffic rank to come up with these recommendations for you of the Best Places to List Blog Giveaways, Sweepstakes, and Contests for Results.


Must-visit sites to list your blog giveaways, sweepstakes and contests!

Giveaway Promote

List your giveaway, sweepstakes and contests here.

No registration or reciprocal links required. Basic giveaway promotion starts at $5. Easy-to-use submission form.

Featured Promotion is available as an effective upgrade for those who would like additional promotion to up to 165,000+ people via RSS feed/daily email subscription list, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and high visibility on website.

We’re very active in social media.

We specialize in providing effective, exceptional, high-touch and personalized giveaway promotion, starting at $5 per giveaway. Ours is a unique, hands-on service with a high rate of satisfaction and returning clients. Our clients see an average cost-per-view of 12¢ and 85% CTR (ten times more effective than Google and Facebook ads).

Submit your blog giveaways, sweepstakes and contests to us today.

Contest Girl

No registration or reciprocal links required. No upgraded listing option. Easy to navigate and submit. Small social media presence on Twitter, but not used to promote giveaways.

Online Sweepstakes

Registration required. Reciprocal link required. Easy to submit. Premium account available. No upgraded listing option. Not active in social media (last tweet in 2009, no Facebook page). Klout score of 31. Social media following ~1,300. High traffic with active forums.


Giveaway and sweepstakes site owners: We have our eyes on you! This popular list is updated regularly based on actual results that we see when we list our giveaways.
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