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Entering Giveaways

How do I enter a giveaway?

To enter a giveaway listed on Giveaway Promote, simply follow the link on the giveaway listing that says “Enter this giveaway at… “


What is required to enter a giveaway?

Entry requirements will vary for each giveaway.

On the giveaway listing on Giveaway Promote, you will find eligibility, end date, a description and a link. We also keep track of the type of entry form used (Rafflecopter, Facebook, Comment entry, etc.) to make it easier for those of you who have a preference, but we don’t track details regarding specific entry requirements.


Why don’t you post the direct link to the giveaway on social media?

Giveaway Promote is central location for finding thousands of giveaways in one place. You will find a giveaway overview, including end date, eligibility and the direct link to the giveaway on the Giveaway Promote website.

All links posted on our Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter accounts will bring you to the listing on Giveaway Promote which will contain the direct link to the giveaway.


Do you use your personal referral link to gain entries into the giveaways?

None of the links on Giveaway Promote are referral links. We don’t enter the giveaways that we promote. We are never competing with you for the prizes.

We do not accept giveaway submissions from entrants, so you will never run into someone else’s referral link here either. We only promote giveaways at the request of the blogs and businesses who host them.


How do I report a broken link, giveaway that I suspect is a scam or an inaccurate giveaway listing?

Contact us if you run into a broken link, a giveaway that you suspect is a scam or other inaccuracies on a giveaway listing.

Giveaway Promote does pre-screen information provided by users, however we have no control over the quality, legality of any aspect of the giveaways listed, the truth or accuracy of the listings, the ability of hosts to provide items or the ability of contestants to qualify for items. Refer to our Terms of Use for complete details.



Giveaway Listing Results

What happens once my giveaway is listed?

Your giveaway will be listed on Giveaway Promote in it’s own post, with it’s own unique URL, until it expires. Limited giveaway promotion includes a listing on this website detailing your giveaway.

Basic listings are additionally promoted via Email. Featured giveaways are promoted via Email/RSS, Twitter, Pinterest and will be included on our “Featured Giveaways” sidebar for the duration of your feature.


What should I expect from limited promotion?

Results from a limited giveaway listing will vary based on the appeal of the giveaway prize and your required entry method.

See a real number example here: Giveaway Promotion Results – Real Stats – basic listing vs. featured listing.


What should I expect from basic or featured promotion?

The results from basic and featured giveaway listings will vary based on the appeal of the giveaway prize and your required entry method.

Basic listings are promoted to up to 5,000 people on our email subscription list.

Featured listings are promoted to up to 131,000 people, include an image to increase prize appeal, and are listed to our sidebar (displayed on every page of the site) for the duration of your feature. Our featured listings get 41 times, on average, more visits than limited listings.

You will see the majority of the traffic and entries to your giveaway within the first 24 hours after your giveaway is listed. Most of the action happens then: inclusion in our daily email, Twitter and Pinterest promotion.

To keep your featured giveaway in front of our entrants via social media and increase the length of time that you will see traffic and entries coming from us, select add-on Facebook posts or tweets. Additional social media shares can provide substantial bumps in traffic and entries. Often the traffic is equal to or even greater than what you see in the initial 24 hours. Again, your results will vary based on your prize and entry method.

Our featured listings with one Facebook post add-on get 80 times, on average, more visits than limited listings. Our top five featured giveaway listings in November 2014 averaged 2,858 visits each.

See a real number example here: Giveaway Promotion Results: Real Stats – basic listing vs. featured listing.


What are people saying about Giveaway Promote?

We have a very large and loyal audience of giveaway entrants, as well as thousands of businesses and bloggers who submit their giveaways to our site regularly. Why?

You can read what people are saying about Giveaway Promote here.


How do your giveaway promotion costs compare with other giveaway sites?

Giveaway Promote provides effective giveaway promotion at a reasonable cost. We provide both value and results. View this chart to see how our pricing compares with other giveaway and sweepstakes sites.



Giveaway Submissions and Listings

How long will it be until my giveaway is posted?

Limited and Basic giveaway listings are generally reviewed within two business days.

Featured giveaway listings are always reviewed within one business day.

We are in the Eastern Timezone of the United States. Our business day ends at 11:59pm ET.

Example: If you submit a giveaway on Friday afternoon at 3pm ET, you can expect it to be published by the end of the day the following Monday if featured, and Tuesday if not.

Weekends and holidays are not considered business days.

Basic giveaway listings are published Monday-Friday.

Featured giveaway listings are published Monday-Friday. On occasion, they are published on weekends. (Consider that an “above and beyond” bonus, not an expectation.)


How do I know when my giveaway has been posted?

For basic listings, you can use the site search box, found in the site header, to search using your giveaway URL, giveaway prize or your site name.

For featured listings, you will receive an email from us when your giveaway has been posted to the site. You can also subscribe to our daily giveaway updates and you will see your giveaway listed the day after it is posted to the site.


Why didn’t you publish the link to my giveaway exactly as it was submitted?

A link may be changed for several reasons. Here are the most common:

(1) It was submitted as a link to your main page. Only direct giveaway URLs will be published.

(2) It was submitted as an affiliate/referral link. This is not a venue for referral-getting.


Why didn’t you publish my title exactly as it was submitted?

There is a good chance that your suggested title, as submitted in the field “What is the prize?”, will be edited before being published.

Common reasons for editing include spelling, clarity, removing unnecessary punctuation, quantities or retail values.

General guidelines for the title are displayed directly below the “What is the prize?” input box on the submission form. Not allowed: Extra punctuation such as exclamation points, end dates or retail values in title (unless prize is cash or gift card).

Titles are edited at our discretion. As indicated on the submission form and in our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to modify or decline any submission without notice.


Why can’t I submit an adult giveaway?

Giveaway Promote is a family friendly website. We don’t publish pornographic or illegal content. We also do not approve giveaways featuring or linking to sites with most lingerie, adult costumes and other adult products. This also applies to giveaways with certain words in the title.

We use our discretion when approving/declining posts and you usually will find us err on the side of caution. You can read more about this in the Terms of Use.

If you are a business or monetized blogger and have paid for your listing or if you have upgraded to a featured listing that is declined, you will receive a full refund within 4 business days.


Why wasn’t my giveaway listing published?

Listings may be declined for a number of reasons.

The most common reason is when a giveaway ends too soon. As clearly stated in our submission guidelines and in the end date form field description, a giveaway must be submitted at least 4 full business days (not including weekends and holidays) before it ends. If there are not at least 4 full business days from the submission date to end date, your listing will be declined.

The next most common reason is due to a typo in the submitted URL. Typing words in place of the URL, typing in an invalid URL, typing in your main URL instead of the giveaway URL, etc. If the URL isn’t correct, we can’t send people to your giveaway and your listing will be declined.

If you’re a blogger and you submit more than two giveaways in one day (the first two per day are complimentary), you will find the extra giveaways declined.

If you’re a business or monetized blog and you submit a giveaway as a small personal blogger, you will find your giveaway declined.

If you submit your title and description in ALL CAPS, your giveaway will be declined.

Giveaways hosted on low-quality sites, sites that are not yet established, questionable landing pages, low quality giveaways, lottery, lotto or gambling sites or giveaways that are not a fit for our audience will be declined.

Free submissions for affiliated giveaways or monetized campaigns you are running on your blog to promote a businesses giveaway (not hosted on your site) where each click, sign up, etc. earns you money, will be declined.

Free giveaway listings are posted to this site at our discretion. We are unable to publish all submissions. To ensure your family-friendly giveaway is posted, order a business listing or a featured listing.

If you are a business or monetized blog and have paid for your listing or if you have upgraded to a featured listing that is declined, you will receive a full refund within 4 business days.


What makes me a business or monetized blogger and not a small personal blogger?

If you generate revenue or sell a product/service, you’re considered a business.

If your blog/website is your full time, profitable gig, you’re considered a professional blogger and therefore, a business.

If you are a blog/website that has multiple people on it’s payroll, you are a business.

If your giveaway is being held on the blog section of a business website, you’re still a business.

The following are considered businesses: authors, artisans, recording artists, actors, non-profit organizations, TV Personalities, sweepstakes websites, blogs that contain a shop, business owned blogs, full-time bloggers who make their living blogging, bloggers offering coaching or consulting services, large obviously revenue-generating blogs, etc.

If you generate revenue from blogging, including monetary compensation for hosting giveaways, sponsored posts, affiliates, ads, etc., you are considered a monetized blogger.

Our giveaway promotion services are available to businesses and monetized bloggers at the rate of $5 per giveaway.

If you are unsure if you are a small personal blogger, ask yourself if you are generating revenue from your blog. If you answer “yes” and value our service and time, just as your advertisers/sponsors value and pay for yours, please submit as a business/monetized blog.


What happens if I submit my business or monetized blog listing as a small personal blogger?

All giveaways are manually reviewed before publication.

Without exception, a business or monetized blog giveaway submitted as a small personal blogger will be declined. Our basic giveaway promotion service is available starting at $5 per giveaway for businesses and monetized blogs.


I don’t see my giveaway in your Twitter feed or daily email…

Limited giveaway listings are not published in our “Giveaway Promote Daily” email.

If you ordered a basic or featured listing and your giveaway wasn’t included in an email, please get in touch with us.

If you would like your giveaway to be included in our daily email, or shared via our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest), upgrade to a featured listing.


How can I measure the performance of my giveaway listing?

You can use your analytics program on your website to track the incoming clicks from Giveaway Promote. You can even create a custom URL for tracking using Google’s URL Builder and use that in your giveaway submission.

Alternatively, you can submit your giveaway using a link that you’ve obtained from a link shortener service, such as They will provide you with analytics for that link.

We do not provide analytics on giveaway listings.


How can I submit my giveaway before it starts?

Basic giveaway listings need to be live upon submission. There are no exceptions.

We will consider advanced submissions on a case-by-case basis for featured listings only. Advance listings need to be arranged ahead of time (contact us directly) because we need additional information (start date/time) from you to approve your request and hold your submission. We do not ask for the start date/time on our submission form because it is standard that all giveaways are live upon submission.

Please do not assume that your giveaway will be posted one or two days out and submit a giveaway in advance without asking first. You will often find that featured giveaways are posted within hours of submission, yes, even on weekends.


Do you offer volume or agency discounts?

No, we don’t offer any volume or agency discounts on our giveaway promotion services.

We are confident that our pricing structure is reasonable and competitive. View this chart to see how our prices compare with other giveaway and sweepstakes sites.


Can you invoice me?

Basic and featured promotion upgrade fees are charged at the time of submission and are nonrefundable.

Our giveaway submission form is integrated with PayPal processing for ease of payment. If you are unable to check out using our submission form, contact us and we can generate an invoice (due upon receipt).

Payment is due in full before any promotion services will be performed.


Featured Giveaways

When is the best time to feature my giveaway?

It is best to feature your giveaway upon initial submission.

Featured giveaways will see the greatest results when there is at least one week remaining in your giveaway.


What size image should I provide for a featured listing?

A square image will look best on your listing. However, we are able to accommodate any size image, as long as it is clear and at least 150px by 150px.


When will my tweets, pins and Facebook posts be posted?

Our Twitter account

Your initial tweet will go out the day of, or the day after your featured listing has been posted to the site.

Additional tweets will be scheduled at the week mark, for two, three, four, five or six week featured listings.

Add-on tweets ordered will be spaced out over the length of your featured giveaway.

Our Can’t Miss Giveaways Pinterest board

Your giveaway listing will be pinned to our Can’t Miss Giveaways board within one business day of being listed on the site.

Our Facebook page

Add on Facebook posts will be spaced out over the length of your feature.

Example: If your giveaway is featured for two weeks starting at 8pm on October 1st and you order three extra Facebook posts, you can expect for all three of them to be posted sometime between 8pm on October 1st and 8pm on October 15th.

The quantity of add-on social media shares will be confirmed in your featured listing order confirmation email.

We generally space add-on Facebook posts every two days at minimum, and no more than one tweet per day per unique giveaway. However, if you have ordered the maximum number of available add-ons and your giveaway ends less than one full week from the date it was published, they may be posted closer together.

Example: When you order a one week featured listing that ends in 4 business days, it’ll be posted within one business day leaving us with 3 days until end date. If you order 3 Facebook posts and 5 tweets, the social media shares will need to be posted closer together.

We do not provide individual emails containing links or dates of your social media shares. We post thousands of social media shares per month. Providing individual links at the end of a campaign isn’t feasible at our current featured giveaway pricing level.

You may search for your social media shares on our Pinterest board, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you would like for us to report your social media share URLs to you at the end of your campaign, contact us and we will provide you with a custom price quote for this additional service.

* Add-on social media shares will remain on our social media accounts at least until the end date of your giveaway.


How can I add a hashtag to my tweets and Facebook posts?

Social media hashtagging is not included in our base featured giveaway listings.

If your featured giveaway social media posts need hashtags added, we can add them for an additional cost. Pricing is based on volume: add one hashtag to up to 10 social media posts for $5, up to 25 for $10, up to 50 for $20, custom quotes for over 50.

Contact us directly to add hashtags to your featured listing.


How will my tweets, pins and Facebook posts perform?

Results from social media add-ons will vary based on the appeal of the giveaway prize.

Facebook add-ons specifically have the potential to perform extremely well, especially on high appeal prizes with no country restrictions. This is due to Facebook’s current algorithm that favors posts that are clicked on, liked, commented and shared organically. High appeal posts are, in turn, shown to more people in their news feed.

Prizes with less appeal or country restrictions may perform best with multiple social media shares.

3rd party social media services and personal preferences of our readers are not within our control. We can not predict nor guarantee results or reach of social media posts.


Why isn’t my featured giveaway post on your front page?

The front page of Giveaway Promote contains the most recent giveaways posted on the site. We post an average of 20-40 new giveaways to the site every day so the front page is constantly changing.

A front page post, or “sticky” post is not included as part of a featured listing. It is not mentioned as being included in any of the featured listing details on this site.

Your featured giveaway does include a sidebar link (under Featured Giveaways) on every page of the site, including the front page. Your featured giveaway image will also be included on our front page image slider.

Any posts that you see as “sticky” on the front page are our own giveaways – organized by and hosted on Giveaway Promote.



How do I unsubscribe from your emails?

Open up one of your Giveaway Promote Daily or Giveaway Alert emails. Scroll to the very bottom of the email. Click on the link where it says “click here to unsubscribe”.

You do not need to email us a request to unsubscribe.


How does a blogger sponsored group giveaway event work?

Your payment is a contribution towards the total expenses involved in orchestrating a successful giveaway. There is no outside sponsor.

Payments cover the prize(s) and overhead costs, including, but not limited to, federal and state taxes, PayPal fees, shipping, giveaway promotion and giveaway coordination fees.

In exchange for your payment to participate, your blog/website social media links will be included in the giveaway as an extra entry method. People entering the giveaway will be able to earn entries by following you and the other blogs/businesses participating.


Do you promote upcoming blogger opps?

No, we no longer promote upcoming blogger opps. We discontinued our upcoming opp/event promotion service at the end of 2013.


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