We try to stay away from noisy, battery powered toys in our home for two reasons — first, well… the NOISE. And second, because I hate buying batteries.

When I heard about the PlasmaCar, I was excited by the fact that its completely kid powered. No noise, no batteries.

Now that it’s summertime, our almost-nightly routine includes a trip to the park, a run and a stop at the beach for a swim.

That means that I’m always hauling stuff around.

I am very loyal to my pillow.

Once I find a good one, I use it, and only it until I can use it no longer.

I recently retired my long time pillow and have gone through several replacements (more than I’d like to admit!) in a short period of time. Unfortunately, none of them have  met my high pillow standards.

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If you’re anything like me and really enjoy unique items that you can’t find anywhere else (especially for gifts), you’ll love UncommonGoods.

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