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Submit your blog giveaways, sweepstakes and contests to us. We’ll promote them to our large, engaged audience of giveaway entrants.

Thousands of entrants visit the giveaways on Giveaway Promote every day.

Basic Giveaway Promotion Service

Get basic giveaway promotion for $5 per giveaway.

Basic promotion includes a detailed giveaway listing on Giveaway Promote. It will be:
List Your Giveaway For $5.00

  • Posted within two business days.
  • Included once in our daily email to 5,000+ subscribers.


We’re giveaway experts. We specialize in effective and ethical promotion of your giveaways. Starting at $5.

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Upgrade for more entries.

Featured giveaway promotion has a potential reach of 85,000 people.

Featured promotion includes a detailed giveaway listing on Giveaway Promote. It will be:

Upgrade Your Listing for $9.99

  • Posted within one business day.
  • Displayed with an image of your prize.
  • Included once in our email, Bloglovin’ and RSS feed to 15,000+ subscribers.
  • Promoted to our 53,000+ Twitter followers, once every week featured.
  • Listed on our featured giveaway sidebar until your feature ends.
  • Pinned to our Can’t Miss Giveaways Pinterest board to 17,000+.
  • Plus even more! [view full list]

Results: One week Featured Promotions (no extras) average 3 times more views than basic listings.


Customize your level of featured promotion.

  • Tweets and Facebook posts – $3 or $6/each

    Add-on a Facebook post for your giveaway listing to our 59,500+ fans on our Facebook page. You can add up to three Facebook posts per week. Total potential reach with one Facebook post is 145,000+ people. Also available: up to five extra tweets per week to our 53,000+ Twitter fans.

  • Exclusive Facebook Giveaway – $40

    Offer an incentive for views and engagement. Turn one of your Facebook posts into a 24 hour exclusive giveaway on our Facebook page. We ask entrants to views your giveaway listing and leave a comment on the Facebook post. Cost includes $10 giveaway prize.

  • Solo Giveaway Alert Email – $50

    We’ll promote your giveaway listing once in a stand alone email to our 5,000+ email subscribers.


Real stats: analytics & cost-per-click averages | Giveaway Alert email results | Exclusive Facebook giveaway results
Review analytics snapshots of past giveaway promotions


Basic and Featured Promotion Comparison

Basic Promotion Featured Promotion
Email Inclusion
Same-day Publishing*
Tweet Included
Image Added
Sidebar Listing
Pinterest Promotion
Add-ons for Facebook & Twitter Available
Facebook Giveaway Available
Solo Email Available
Promotion Report Available
Average Number of Views ** 80 250+
$5.00 Starting at $14.99

* Featured promotion orders submitted on a weekday before 2pm ET will be published same-day.
Custom featured promotion add-ons are available for an additional cost.
** Average cost-per-view is 7¢. YMMV. Prize, eligibility, entry requirements and level of promotion have a direct effect on your results.


Eight times more clicks than Google, Facebook and Instagram ads!

The average Giveaway Promote campaign results in a cost-per-view of , click-through-rate of 85% and cost-per click to your giveaway of .

In comparison, the average cost-per click on Facebook is 64¢ and Instagram is 65¢. This means that for the same cost, you’ll see 8 clicks on your Giveaway Promote listing compared with 1 click through Google, Facebook and Instagram ads!*

What do these numbers mean for you?

Use them to help determine how much promotion to order. We break it down in detail here.

Aiming for 500 views of your giveaway listing? 1,000? 2,000? Do the math and order enough promotion to reach your goal! The more promotion you order, the more views your listing will see.


Get the most out of your promotion! Feature your giveaway until it ends, add-on social media posts with images, an exclusive Facebook giveaway and a solo giveaway alert email.

Email and social media extras will put your giveaway in front of our entrants more often. You will see entries for a longer period of time when you feature your giveaway until it ends. Custom promotion add-ons also yield an average cost-per-view of 7¢ (average CPV range is $0.05-$0.55).

Giveaway and Contests Submission Guidelines

Giveaway promotion is available for giveaways, sweepstakes and contests that follow these guidelines.

To be approved:

  • You must be holding a giveaway (a.k.a. sweepstakes) or contest.
  • Your giveaway must be live upon submission.
  • Your submission must be for one giveaway.
  • It must have a specific end date, at least 3 business days but not more than 2 months away.
  • Your giveaway must be unique to your site or a group giveaway that you have organized.
  • Your giveaway must have no purchase required, and contain a complete set of official rules.
  • Your Facebook giveaway must follow their Promotions Guidelines.

These will not be approved:

  • Freebies (free to all).
  • Giveaways you are not the host of.
  • Adult or illegal giveaways.
  • Duplicates of giveaways already listed. (already listed? upgrade it here)


Questions? Find out what to expect from your giveaway listing and get answers to other questions on our FAQ’s and our giveaway promotion results.

Testimonials: What do giveaway entrants and hosts have to say about us? Read what people are saying about Giveaway Promote.

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Ask us a question, send feedback or report a problem

The old adage is true — you get what you pay for. We do not offer free promotion on Giveaway Promote. We do provide an effective, high-touch, personalized giveaway marketing service at a reasonable cost, starting at $5 per giveaway. Ours is a highly personalized, hands-on service with an exceptionally high rate of satisfaction and returning clients. Our clients see an average cost-per-view of 7¢ and 85% CTR.

* Our average CPC (clicks to your website) is $.08. The 2016 average Google AdWords cost per click (CPC) across all industries is $2.32 for search and $0.58 for display (source). The 2015 Q4 Facebook CPC is $0.64 and 2015 Q4 Instagram CPC is $0.65 (source).

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