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Ben Lovejoy Testimonial

“The variety of giveaways you promote on your site is unmatched anywhere. Giveaway Promote is my first stop every day.” — Gabrielle
“There are sooooo many giveaway sites and pages. When you find one that resonates with you, has just the right giveaways, doesn’t bombard your email with crap, and keeps things jumping, you use it. This is how Giveaway Promote works for me. I love the different giveaways and that it is very active, but not overwhelming. Awesome job!!” — Laurie A.
“Giveaway Promote is simply the BEST! There are more giveaways listed than most can enter, there aren’t any fees or credits to earn and there is no logging in or out. The few times I have asked questions I get an exact answer, not a vague answer that really doesn’t help. I can’t say enough good things about this site.” — Christy D.
“What’s NOT to love?! All of the best giveaways, listed all on the same website; regular emails informing you of the latest giveaways; easy-to-navigate website; Giveaway Promote is one of my favorite sites!” — Shanna B.
“Once you decide to get serious about contests then really all you need is a subscription to Giveaway Promote. I win stuff fairly often!” — Margot C.
“Giveaway Promote is THE online source for the latest and greatest giveaways. I always recommend GP to anyone looking for a central source for giveaways!” — Jenn
“I like how Giveaway Promote brings me lots of sweepstakes before anyone else does, and the e-mails and contests that keep me coming back to enter.” — Richard
“I have been entering giveaways for a while now and your site makes it so easy and stress free, I love it! Thank you for not only making them easy to find, but also for offering a huge variety of amazing giveaways!” — Lauryn

Let us know how Giveaway Promote has helped you find giveaways to enter, update us with prizes you’ve won after entering through Giveaway Promote and fill us in on how Giveaway Promote assisted in promoting your giveaways.

7,764 responses to “What people are saying about Giveaway Promote”

  1. Kara Marks says:

    I love Giveaway Promote–there are so many sweeps to enter, all in one place and organized. Some are quick to enter and some take a little time, but they’re all worthwhile!

  2. Sandra Watts says:

    You are the sunshine of my life
    That’s why I’ll always be around

  3. Kim Thorne says:

    It’s fun and love the variety of contests.

  4. DENISE LOW says:

    I love that you have some wonderful giveaways.

  5. Jessica Cooley says:

    I’m excited to win and enter. I’m thankful for your giveaways and really hope I’ll be a winner and get to share what prizes I’ve won. I’m trying hard. Thank you so much!

  6. This is my favorite website! the giveaways are awesome! love to check it everyday!

  7. Wendy Starnes says:

    Super awesome giveaways!

  8. Stacy Bennett says:

    You have the best giveaways! And they’re so easy to enter! I can find a giveaway for just about anything!

  9. Jackie Phipps says:

    Great site well organized with a great variety of giveaways

  10. Margaret Smith says:

    I love that you offer so many giveaways at one site.

  11. amanda roach says:

    always my fav

  12. AnnJ says:

    Nice selection of smaller and more unusual contests that I don’t see elsewhere.

  13. Lynne Chambers says:

    This website is well organized and has many giveaways all in one spot! Love what you do here, thanks!

  14. Jerry Marquardt says:

    Giveaway Promote has helped my enter hundreds if not thousands of entries in giveaways and sweepstakes every month. I love the web site for its integrity and ease of use.

  15. Rosalee Jacklin says:

    Giveaway Promote helps me to find giveaways easily & stress free. Easy to navigate & I love knowing which sweeps I am eligible for without having to try to figure it out.

  16. Susan Biddle says:

    I just recently found giveaway promote and love the prizes you are offering. I am checking in daily since I found your page, thank you for the opportunities to win!

  17. Daryl says:

    easy to navigate, great site

  18. Polly Hall says:

    Great contest site love coming here to find new contest every day.

  19. Christine Morrissette says:

    <3 They make entering fun!

  20. Kara Marks says:

    Giveaway Promote has such a great variety of sweeps–some take very little time to enter and some take some effort. I have never won, but I’m still trying!

  21. TIFFANY GRAY says:

    I love getting emails about the giveaway promotions. The contest are great to enter.

  22. Shanon Bramblette says:

    I LOVE Giveaway Promote! There are so many giveaways & opportunities to win. I spend so much time on the site. I hope to win one day.

  23. Patricia Matthews says:

    Love entering sweeps and your site is easy to navigate!!

  24. Sue E says:

    I LOVE Giveaway Promote!!!!❤❤❤
    They have different, awesome giveaways!!
    I have won one of their giveaways. I didn’t have to wait long for my prize. It was brand new and just what the giveaway described- not a substitute!! Thank you Giveaway Promote!!! I’m back!

  25. Gloria Walshver says:

    Love the giveaways you have always enjoyed entering them.

  26. Melany says:

    I like how there are many contests to have more possibilities to win prizes!

  27. Caitland says:

    There’s always a new giveaway to choose from. I’m always excited to see what’s in store!

  28. Tamra Gibson says:

    There r many things I like about this site. My newest favorite is that when I’m entering contest via mobile they always list the easy mobile link. It’s the only site I know that does this.

  29. Kim Thorne says:

    The contests are fun

  30. rachael debates says:

    love this site for giveaways!

  31. Tamra Phelps says:

    I love the wide variety of giveaways on Giveaway Promote! I can scan down the page & look for any that interest me!

  32. Dominique Cloutier says:

    I check this site every day. I’m definitely a sweeper. lol. I love the low entry section, always go there first and then wander through the rest of the site! Thank you so much for such a great list!

  33. natalie nichols says:

    I never run out of great giveaways to do on giveaway promote.

  34. Chen says:

    I love your site!

  35. I love this site, it’s got lots of giveaways

  36. Jay Jackson says:

    You always have a ton of contests with great prizes

  37. Adriane says:

    Really well organized and up to date info!

  38. Susan Smith says:

    Giveaway Promote is a great website to find giveaways.

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