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Ben Lovejoy Testimonial

“The variety of giveaways you promote on your site is unmatched anywhere. Giveaway Promote is my first stop every day.” — Gabrielle
“There are sooooo many giveaway sites and pages. When you find one that resonates with you, has just the right giveaways, doesn’t bombard your email with crap, and keeps things jumping, you use it. This is how Giveaway Promote works for me. I love the different giveaways and that it is very active, but not overwhelming. Awesome job!!” — Laurie A.
“Giveaway Promote is simply the BEST! There are more giveaways listed than most can enter, there aren’t any fees or credits to earn and there is no logging in or out. The few times I have asked questions I get an exact answer, not a vague answer that really doesn’t help. I can’t say enough good things about this site.” — Christy D.
“What’s NOT to love?! All of the best giveaways, listed all on the same website; regular emails informing you of the latest giveaways; easy-to-navigate website; Giveaway Promote is one of my favorite sites!” — Shanna B.
“Once you decide to get serious about contests then really all you need is a subscription to Giveaway Promote. I win stuff fairly often!” — Margot C.
“Giveaway Promote is THE online source for the latest and greatest giveaways. I always recommend GP to anyone looking for a central source for giveaways!” — Jenn
“I like how Giveaway Promote brings me lots of sweepstakes before anyone else does, and the e-mails and contests that keep me coming back to enter.” — Richard
“I have been entering giveaways for a while now and your site makes it so easy and stress free, I love it! Thank you for not only making them easy to find, but also for offering a huge variety of amazing giveaways!” — Lauryn

Let us know how Giveaway Promote has helped you find giveaways to enter, update us with prizes you’ve won after entering through Giveaway Promote and fill us in on how Giveaway Promote assisted in promoting your giveaways.

7,811 responses to “What people are saying about Giveaway Promote”

  1. Andrew says:

    Thank you for collating so many great giveways so that I can select those I am interested in.

  2. dhruv says:

    giveawayproomote provides a chance to enter all kinds of giveaways!!!!!!!!!!!The best thing is that it is very user friendly!!!! Endless Thanks to Giveawaypromote!!!!!!!

  3. Ellie Di says:

    Here you can find giveaways before than other giveaways sites, like…days before and that’s handy because you can have more entries and more possibilities of winning.

  4. Randy Clendenin says:

    Hello, one of the biggest advantages to Giveaway Promote is that if you can’t find something to enter at that time, then just keep checking back since there’s new giveaways added almost every day!!!! Thanks, be safe, take care, “GOD Bless”, sincerely Randy.

  5. Sherry Keef says:

    This is a true giveaway site and they have a variety of giveaways as well.

  6. Judy Thomas says:

    Giveaway Promote is awesome! It is so easy to find the international ones and entering is so simple too.Thanks 🙂

  7. Riza Cabelleza says:

    You guys are kind 🙂 🙂 Giving this thing to others 🙂
    I enter here because I need to buy concert ticket and Im only a student 🙂 🙂 Entering a giveaway makes someone happy 🙂 🙂 You can always find something great when you join on giveaways like this..

  8. amanda roach says:

    always my fav

  9. I love giveaway promote, they have a nice variety of sweeps

  10. Terry Poage says:

    Only thing I don’t like about Giveaway Promote is that take Giveaways down before they are over. Other than that it is a great site.

    • Giveaway Promote says:

      Hi Terry, we don’t take giveaways down before they are over. I’ve mentioned this in a previous comment to you but every giveaway isn’t listed in the “featured” sidebar until it is over, a giveaway is usually only “featured” for a week or two, but it still exists on the site. They are removed once they end.

  11. Tamra Gibson says:

    I love how this site will respond quickly if u have any questions or problems. They don’t just leave you hanging. I believe they enjoy people winning

  12. Lovely Joy Merced says:

    This is my favorite site ever coz I love giveaways!

  13. Calshondra Williams says:

    I giveaways and you guys really have some great ones to enter. There’s always something good posted.

  14. melanie phelps says:

    I haven’t won yet, but this site is organized and better than many others I have seen! Keep up the good work!! It saves me time when I have only a few moments to enter, I can scroll and pick and enter in a small amount of time, making it effective for me!

  15. Natalie U says:

    I love that you keep up on the newest and hard to find giveaways….you guys are one of the best and a must for those hard core sweepers

  16. Kara Marks says:

    You guys have the best giveaways, and new ones added every day!

  17. Brenna M says:

    I have found lots of new giveaways on Giveaway Promote.

  18. jenn sparks says:

    Giveaway Promote is the best place to find all the great giveaways that are legit. I love getting the emails with new giveaways to enter.

  19. DENISE LOW says:

    You are always having the very best giveaways. Thank you for them all.

  20. amanda roach says:

    always my go to page

  21. Dawn Curtis says:

    A Great variety of sweepstakes to enter.

  22. Martha Haipya says:

    I’m a mom, looking for a job. I want to enter this giveaway to earn extra prizes that I would not be able to afford myself. Thank you for allowing me to participate in your good giveaway!

  23. Cindy Merrill says:

    Thanks to a link from Giveaway Promote, I won some Brookyn Bean coffee Kcups, which are very nice to have! My Single coffee cup maker has a reusable filter, but it needs replacing eventually.

  24. Sue E says:

    I love ❤️Giveaway Promote!! Let’s put it this way:
    I AM A GLUTEN for their many different awesome giveaways!! Thank you for the opportunities!

  25. Debra Holloway says:

    I love the great organization of these sweepstakes on this site. I also like the variety.

  26. Giveaway Promote is wonderful, there’s a huge list of giveaways to enter, something for everyone.

  27. thomas hill says:

    such a variety to enter. awesome.

  28. Dotty J Boucher says:

    I have been entering giveaways here for about 4 years or so , I have won many things here, Last wasn’t a good year for me but usually I win lots LOL just say’n lol 🙂 good luck..

  29. Jackie Phipps says:

    Amazing giveaways. I am so happy to see a site that has Canadian giveaways

  30. Wendy Starnes says:

    You guys have awesome giveaways and they are so easy to enter!

  31. Christy G. says:

    I can always count on Giveaway Promote listing giveaways that aren’t listed anywhere else.

  32. Susan Smith says:

    I love all of the giveaways on Giveaway Promote.

  33. clojo9372 says:

    I love Giveaway Promote because there are so many great contests to enter. You can always find something you want! 🙂

  34. Sj Dc says:

    Its like christmas all year round

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