Giveaway Alert Email Results

When you order the Giveaway Alert email add-on to your listing, we will send one solo Giveaway Alert email to our 10,000+ opt-in email subscribers.

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From January through June 2016, our giveaway alert emails had an above industry average open rate of 17% (1015 opens on average), which equates to a 5¢ average cost per open.


Your click-through rate from these opens directly relates to the appeal of your prize, who is eligible to enter and the entry requirements of your specific giveaway. High appeal prizes, with low barrier to entry that are open worldwide, will see more opens and clicks. Lower appeal prizes with limited eligibility will see fewer opens and clicks.

Our average click-through rate is 5% of the total list (291 clicks on average) or 29% of opens, which equates to a 17¢ average cost per click.

Our promotion results remain steady year over year and are similar for 2017.

Example Google Analytics Stats

Traffic examples from Google Analytics indicating the performance of a giveaway listing with a solo giveaway alert email (indicated by 2nd peak on the graph).

Below examples generally include incoming traffic from add-on social media posts (smaller traffic bumps).


Featured March 17th, Alert March 20th

Giveaway was submitted on March 17th with an exclusive Facebook giveaway March 18th-19th and Giveaway Alert email on March 20th


March 17th, Alert on March 23rd

Giveaway featured on March 17th with a Giveaway Alert email on March 23rd



Giveaway featured on March 11th with a Giveaway Alert email on March 27th


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