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Giveaway Promote was the single most cost-effective promotion I ran, driving consistent traffic throughout the campaign. It’s something I can highly recommend to anyone looking to grow an audience or generate more views for a promotion. I’ll be using the service again for sure. – Ben Lovejoy, Author
Giveaway Promote is fast, user friendly and effective. It has therefore become my go-to site each time I host a giveaway on my blog. I highly recommend it for all bloggers and giveaway seekers. – Stephanie G.
I’ve used your service many times for all types of giveaways and contests. I’ve used several different similar services (AdWords, Facebook ads and so on) and hands down, whatever you’re doing works better than all the other options combined. – Halloween Love Blog

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All Active Promotions are promoted to over 110,000 people.

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Giveaway Promote specializes in providing effective, exceptional, high-touch and personalized giveaway promotion. We provide a hands-on service with a high rate of satisfaction and returning clients.

Basic Promotion is $5 per giveaway. For more reach, more visits and more entries, we recommend that you upgrade your listing to Active Promotion. Upgrades start at $9.99/wk.


Basic Listing vs. Active Promotion Comparison

Comparison of actual traffic from one Basic Listing vs. one Active Promotion (fomerly named “Featured Promotion”) selected at random over a 14 day span in June 2015.

Peaks in Active Promotion show the increase in traffic from one add-on solo giveaway alert email and several social media (Facebook and Twitter) post add-ons.

Included in Active Promotion:

Priority Posting

Active Promotions are posted within one business day.

Inclusion in Giveaway Promote Daily

The day after it’s initially posted on the site, your listing will be included our daily giveaway email and RSS feeds (including Bloglovin’) with over 21,000 subscribers.

Twitter Promotion

Promotion of your listing to our 62,000+ Twitter followers, one time per week upgraded.

Pinterest Promotion

Your giveaway listing pinned one time to our Can’t Miss Giveaways board to our 18,000+ Pinterest followers.

Add an Image

Ability to add an image of your giveaway prize to your listing to increase prize appeal.

Sidebar Link

A link to your giveaway listing will be included on the “Featured Giveaways” section of the left sidebar until your active period ends [1].

Plus: You’re Eligible for Customized Promotion

Customize your Active Promotion package by adding Facebook posts at $5/each to our 59,000+ Facebook fans, extra tweets at $3/each to our 62,000+ Twitter followers and Instagram posts at $10/each to our 4,000+ Instagram followers. Active Promotions with one Facebook post receive an average of 4 times more visits than Basic Listings. [2]

Popular! Add-on solo email Giveaway Alerts (+$60), Exclusive Facebook Giveaways (+$35, includes giveaway prize) and Exclusive Twitter Giveaways (+$35, includes giveaway prize) to your Active Promotion.


Basic and Active Promotion Comparison

Basic Listing Active Promotion
Email Inclusion
Same-day Publishing*
Tweet Included
Image Added
Sidebar Listing
Pinterest Promotion
Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Add-ons Available
Facebook Giveaway Available
Twitter Giveaway Available
Solo Email Available
Promotion Report Available
Average Number of Views ** 80 250+
$5.00 Starting at $9.99
List Giveaway Upgrade Listing

* Active Promotion orders submitted on a weekday before 2pm ET will be published same-day.
Custom Active Promotion add-ons are available for an additional cost.
** Average cost-per-view is 8¢. YMMV. Prize, eligibility, entry requirements and level of promotion have a direct effect on your results.

The results from your giveaway listing will vary based on the appeal of your giveaway prize and your entry requirements. All fees are charged at the time of submission and are nonrefundable. We can not guarantee results of giveaway listings. Please review our frequently asked questions about Active Promotions and ask any questions prior to ordering.

Is your giveaway already listed? Upgrade your existing Giveaway Promote listing.

Back to Post 1. We only promote live giveaways, so the max. amount of time your giveaway can be promoted is until the end date. Example: When you order a 2 week Active Promotion for a giveaway that ends in 10 days, it will be promoted for 10 days.
Back to Post 2. Facebook posts are not included in the base Active Promotion. To get a Facebook post, you must select the optional add on Facebook post. Potential reach including a Facebook post is 165,000+ people.

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