Giveaway Promotion Tips

Giveaway Promote Tips

Here are several of the most important giveaway promotion tips for maximizing your campaign results when you promote your giveaway, contest or sweepstakes on Giveaway Promote.

Three Giveaway Promotion Tips

Submit early

Submit your giveaway as soon as possible (ideally, the day it starts) and choose a Featured Promotion for as long as your giveaway will run.

Create a clear, concise title and description

Your title and description can make or break your promotion. Keep them both short and sweet.

Titles: Our standard title format is: Name of the prize plus the word Giveaway (or contest). You’ll find complete details under the form field “What is the prize” on our submission form.

Descriptions: All descriptions begin with the words “Enter for a chance to win”. Your description is a brief overview of your prize, up to 300 characters. Include only prize details, quantities and retail value. Entrants will refer to your giveaway URL for the full details, entry requirements and complete official rules.

View some of our live giveaway listings to see examples. Titles and descriptions that fall outside of our published guidelines will be edited to meet our site-wide title standards.

Order a Giveaway Alert email

Our solo Giveaway Alert emails are one of the most effective ways to reach our readers — directly in their email box.

Because of this, our Giveaway Alert emails are in high demand and are often are sold out one week out, especially during the busy season (Oct.-Dec.).

If you find that our solo Giveaway Alert emails are sold out when you submit your giveaway — consider a longer Featured Promotion. If your giveaway does not end within the week, you’ll usually find that there are spaces available for two+ week Featured Promotions.

Contact us with questions or to reserve a date in advance for a future giveaway. With payment in full, we will reserve one date, up to one month in advance. Limit of one advance reservation at a time, per person.

View our Giveaway Alert email results.

After you’ve read these simple giveaway promotion tips, let’s get started! Promote your giveaway on Giveaway Promote.

Are you running a giveaway?

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We’re giveaway experts. We specialize in effective and ethical promotion of your giveaways.

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