How to Run an Instagram Loop Giveaway

Instagram Loop Giveaway

Everything you need to know about running successful Instagram Loop Giveaways.

We walk you through how to successfully host an amazing Instagram Loop Giveaway that gets results. From selecting the prize, finding people to participate, pricing your loop, communicating with participants and promoting your giveaway, to randomly picking a winner and much more.

How to Run Instagram Loop Giveaways That Get Results

What is an Instagram Loop Giveaway?

An Instagram Loop Giveaway is when a single giveaway is held on multiple Instagram accounts.

Giveaway entrants go from one account to the next, until they loop back around to the original starting point. We tell you more about the basics over here in our post detailing “What is an Instagram Loop Giveaway?”.

Do you want to increase your Instagram following by running a giveaway?

We will tell you everything you need to know about hosting Instagram Loop Giveaways, the right way.

Run an Instagram Loop Giveaway, like a pro!

You will walk away with all of the insider knowledge, resources and tools that you need in order to host a by-the-rules, successful Instagram Loop Giveaway.

What is an Instagram Loop Giveaway?

If you're brand new to Instagram Loop Giveaways, start here. We'll go over the basics of Instagram Loop Giveaways.

Instagram Loop Giveaway

How to Run an Instagram Loop Giveaway

Have you ever participated in a completely disorganized Instagram Loop Giveaway?

Or one that didn’t get many entries?

Or one that attracted the wrong audience?

I bet that you said to yourself “I can do better than this!” but had no idea where to start.

Unfortunately, it’s so common for hosts to run Instagram Loop Giveaways the wrong way.

Loops are, more often than not, run with total disregard to sweepstakes laws and Instagram platform policies.

And guess what — because you didn’t take the time to educate yourself on how to run an Instagram Loop Giveaway the right way — now your entire Instagram account is at risk of being disabled.

Here are a few key tips before we get started!

You’re in charge

As the host of an Instagram Loop Giveaway, you’re the one who is in charge of it all.

Some people build their entire business around hosting Instagram Loop Giveaways.

Here is an overview of the things that you will need to do to run a successful loop:

  • recruit other bloggers or businesses to participate
  • choose the prize and the buy-in amount each person will pay
  • set up the registration/payment form
  • decide on the entry requirements for the loop
  • communicate with participants about the loop
  • write the post wording and official rules
  • make sure everyone posts on time and the loop “loops”
  • promote your giveaway outside of Instagram
  • randomly and fairly choose and contact a winner
  • buy giveaway prize
  • keep tabs on all your participants

We will touch on each of these items in detail in the linked sections below.

Own your loops!

Yes! You can absolutely thrive and build your business around Instagram Loop Giveaways.

Use loops to increase your audience and customer base.

Or make hosting loops the major, money-making part of your business.

You need to set yourself apart.

Make them unique. Make them special. Make them sought out by participants and entrants.

It’s all about you doing something someone else isn’t doing.

You can do it better, do it with more passion and above all else, do it RIGHT.

People will flock to you when they know you that they can trust you and rely on you.

Don’t copy someone else’s loop.

It’s a great idea to learn from others — but make sure to always be yourself when putting it in action.

Innovate within the guidelines

I have found success by forging my own path with Giveaway Promote.

No one else does what I do.

Sure, there are similar sites at-a-glance, but I offer (on purpose) a very unique service that no one else does.

Innovating is what sets Giveaway Promote apart from any other giveaway site. It’s also why my customers return again and again.

You can do this, too!

Have an idea? Try it out — if it works, great. Grow it, make it awesome.

If not, scrap it and keep moving.

Your greatest successes will come from innovation.

The reason people will choose to work with you over someone else is that you are able to innovate.

Do something better than how other people are doing it.

Here are some quick examples of what some people (but very few) are doing right now:

  • Choose a catchy name for your loops. Something your participants (bloggers, businesses or shops) will remember. Keep in mind when you do choose a name, do not include “Insta”, or “Instagram” (refer to their brand guidelines).
  • Innovate with entries. Be creative with what you’re requiring as an entry. Ask entrants to answer a specific question. If you sell something, get your audience thinking about purchasing from you!


Some of your loops will bomb…

It’s inevitable.

You’re going to run a loop giveaway once in a while that won’t do as well as you had hoped.

That’s totally normal. We’ve all been there!

Embrace failure. You won’t succeed without failure!

Learn from it, tweak what you are doing and keep on keepin’ on.

Learn all about loops in the sections below!

How to Run an Instagram Loop Giveaway
How to Run an Instagram Loop Giveaway

Choose Your Instagram Giveaway Prize

In this section:

– Why you need to choose a targeted prize
– Targeted prize examples
– IRS Regulations for prizes valued over $600

Finding Participants​ to Join Instagram Loop Giveaways

In this section:

– Who to recruit
– Where to find your participants?
– A note about sponsor accounts
– Comparing yourself with other loop hosts

Instagram Loop Costs to Consider

In this section:

– Get paid for your work
– Overhead costs to consider
– Let’s talk about PayPal fees
– And a bit about taxes
– What about those admin fees some loop hosts charge?

Structure Your Instagram Loop Giveaway Entries

In this section:

– What to think about when you structure your Instagram Loop entries
– How do you verify that someone is following you?
– What should you include in your entries?

Instagram Giveaway Rules

In this section:

– Why official rules are important
– Where to put your Instagram Giveaway Rules
– Official rules template

Organizing an Instagram Loop

In this section:

– Communication
– How to register participants
– How long to run your loop for?
– Write your loop post
– Create your loop image
– Stop and look at your loop like an entrant
– Other things you need to consider

Promoting Your Instagram Giveaway​

In this section:

– Why it is so important to promote your giveaways
– How to promote your giveaway
– How I promote my giveaways
– Analyzing promotion

Choosing Your Instagram Loop Giveaway Winner

In this section:

– Choosing your Instagram Loop Giveaway winner via random drawing
– Verifying a winner
– Contacting and confirming a winner

After Your Instagram Loop

In this section:

– Announcing your winner to the public
– Sending winner info to loop participants
– Converting new followers into raving fans and customers
– How to manage loop participant contact information for future loops

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