Refund Policy

All fees are charged at the time of submission and are nonrefundable.

We can not guarantee results of giveaway listings.

The results from your giveaway listing hinge on external variables we can’t control such as the appeal of your giveaway prize; entry requirements; how much lead time you’ve given us (how long it was listed); and a number of other factors.

Our commitment you is that we do our best to get real people to enter your giveaways.

We offer a unique, hybrid service. 

It’s not just measuring clicks or visits. It’s not just paying for a personal service. It’s not just paying to access our carefully curated, engaged audience. It’s all of it, together.

Our results not only average 10x more clicks than Instagram, Facebook or GoogleAds (and we’re talking just ad spend) — we do the work for you!

In the end, you benefit from our time, our expertise and the access to our audience. 

We want to hear from you if our service has disappointed you.

Though we don’t guarantee results — as we can’t control people — we do want you to be pleased with our service as a whole.

Our average cost-per-view (CPV) for Active Promotion listings is 13¢.

95% of listings fall within our average CPV of $0.04-$0.36 (between 3-25 views per dollar) with a click-through-rate of 82%.

View actual data from nearly 700 giveaway listings in 2018 here.

Here’s what we will do if you are concerned that you had an underperforming listing:

First, we will provide you with the view and click numbers for your promotion.

If the numbers show that your listing was underperforming, we will comp your next promotion (of equal value to your original order) if ALL of the following conditions are met:

  • you ordered Active Promotion
  • your giveaway had a physical prize (not an ebook, course, software download, website membership, coupon, etc.)
  • your giveaway prize was not a book
  • your listing was live on Giveaway Promote for at least 7 full days
  • your giveaway was open to entrants in the United States
  • your end CPV was more than $0.50
  • These are hard and fast rules

Lower than $0.50 CPV is normal, and does not qualify for a comped listing.

It’s extremely rare for an Active Promotion, open to the United States with a physical prize (excluding books) listed for at least 7 full days to see lower than $0.50 CPV on Giveaway Promote. In fact, it didn’t happen at all in 2018.

Why do we exclude books? Of all physical prizes, books often see a higher CPV because they are a low value prize that appeal to a limited, niche audience.

We will get real people to your listing.

It's up to them to click & enter.

Our average cost-per-view (CPV) for Active Promotion listings is 13¢.

95% of listings fall within our average CPV of $0.04-$0.36 (between 3-25 views per dollar) with a click-through-rate of 82%.

We see the views on our end and track them via Google analytics.

You see the clicks on your end, as a referral/entrance on your landing page and/or by viewing your unique real-time click tracking link.

Keep in mind that clicks account for 82% of views, on average.

13 views at 82% = 10 clicks

Your click results highly depend on your prize and location eligibility, both being factors outside of our control.

If your listing results are outside of the average range, this is likely why.

  • Lower than average view results are almost always due to low prize appeal or a short listing period.
  • Lower than average click results are almost always due to eligibility or location restrictions.
  • Once people are on your landing page, if you are seeing a low click to entry conversion rate — it is almost always due to an entry form that is hard to find; a high-barrier to entry (what you’re asking entrants to do); or unclear entry instructions.
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