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Frequently asked questions and answers

Want to track the progress of your listing clicks in real-time? No problem! Simply add a tracking link to your order.

The average Giveaway Promote Active Promotion campaign results in a cost-per-view of 12¢, click-through-rate of 85% and cost-per-click to your giveaway of 14¢.

For some perspective, that’s 125 views on a $15 order or 415 views on a $50 order. We’ll show you.

We can not guarantee results of giveaway listings. Your performance may vary based on external factors such as your giveaway prize; required entries; how much lead time you’ve given us; and more. Our commitment you is that we will promote your giveaway as ordered, every time. We do our best to get real people to enter your giveaway. View our full refund policy.