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Ben Lovejoy Testimonial

“The variety of giveaways you promote on your site is unmatched anywhere. Giveaway Promote is my first stop every day.” — Gabrielle
“There are sooooo many giveaway sites and pages. When you find one that resonates with you, has just the right giveaways, doesn’t bombard your email with crap, and keeps things jumping, you use it. This is how Giveaway Promote works for me. I love the different giveaways and that it is very active, but not overwhelming. Awesome job!!” — Laurie A.
“Giveaway Promote is simply the BEST! There are more giveaways listed than most can enter, there aren’t any fees or credits to earn and there is no logging in or out. The few times I have asked questions I get an exact answer, not a vague answer that really doesn’t help. I can’t say enough good things about this site.” — Christy D.
“What’s NOT to love?! All of the best giveaways, listed all on the same website; regular emails informing you of the latest giveaways; easy-to-navigate website; Giveaway Promote is one of my favorite sites!” — Shanna B.
“Once you decide to get serious about contests then really all you need is a subscription to Giveaway Promote. I win stuff fairly often!” — Margot C.
“Giveaway Promote is THE online source for the latest and greatest giveaways. I always recommend GP to anyone looking for a central source for giveaways!” — Jenn
“I like how Giveaway Promote brings me lots of sweepstakes before anyone else does, and the e-mails and contests that keep me coming back to enter.” — Richard
“I have been entering giveaways for a while now and your site makes it so easy and stress free, I love it! Thank you for not only making them easy to find, but also for offering a huge variety of amazing giveaways!” — Lauryn

Let us know how Giveaway Promote has helped you find giveaways to enter, update us with prizes you’ve won after entering through Giveaway Promote and fill us in on how Giveaway Promote assisted in promoting your giveaways.

8,369 responses to “What people are saying about Giveaway Promote”

  1. Vicky Watkins says:

    There great information, and even better giveaways. Thanks

  2. peggy salkill says:

    Love it!

  3. Susan Faatz says:


  4. Randi Robinson says:

    I just found Giveaway Promote and I must say I’m in love! These are great giveaways and your so organized with it, total win in my book…bookmarking now.

  5. You could be the Lucky winner if you enter the contest.

  6. Mathea L says:

    I really like Giveaway Promote because it brings passionate giveaway hobbyists together for a variety of fantastic chances, including Canadians.

  7. Sandra Watts says:

    Can’t beat the great giveaways you all have!

  8. Haroon Khan says:

    I love that you have so many fun giveaways to enter!

  9. Sherwood says:

    This seems like such a great idea! It’s a central hub for various giveaways that I would never otherwise find out about!

  10. Margaret Smith says:

    Love all the giveaways you offer. Always gives a bit of hope.

  11. Deanna says:

    I spend most of my free time on the computer entering giveaways and websites like Giveaway Promote make it easy AND fun! 😉

  12. Jeneen says:

    Awesome website, fun and easy to use!

  13. Laura says:

    I’m actually new to the site. Glad to find it by entering a giveaway. Hope to find some more great giveaways to enter.

  14. Jodi Hunter says:

    This is an awesome site, thanks so much.

  15. Ashley Chow says:

    I can always rely on Giveaway Promote to help me find giveaways to enter. Thanks Giveaway Promote!

  16. Elsa Beckford says:

    It is very good products up for grabs. I would like One plus products up for grabs

  17. So many great contests all in one place!!

  18. MaryJo Tsitouris says:

    I love Giveaway Promote because of the variety of prizes and entry methods. Thanks for all the amazing giveaways!

  19. laurie damrose says:

    They have the best giveaways around!

  20. Stephanie Black says:

    You have great contests that include Canadians. Thanks!

  21. Cynthia Grealis says:

    You have amazing giveaways!

  22. Cheryl says:

    So many fabulous giveaway to enter!

  23. Dorothy Boucher says:

    I love entering giveaways , and since I found Giveaway Promote site I have been coming here ever since, I visit this site atleast twice a day sometimes even more than that because you just never know when something wonderful is going to pop in…
    happy to connect

  24. Gabrielle says:

    Just won a brand new comforter from a giveaway I found through your site. Thanks, Giveaway Promote! You never let me down.

  25. I always appreciate your great giveaways on your site. Thanks for your great expertise in helping us all locate the best in giveaways.

  26. Elizabeth H. says:

    You have awesome contests.

  27. Susan says:

    I love Giveaway Promote, I have a couple of nice giveaways through this website.

  28. Leanne Robinson says:

    so many giveaways and variety in one place

  29. Cynthia Hilliard says:

    I love that you get emails telling you about the different contests.

  30. alihaider says:

    I do love the Giveaway Promote.I’m having the best use my leisure time with it with a hope to earn some extra $.

  31. Ken says:

    Giveaway Promote is simply the BEST!

  32. Nena Sinclair says:

    Giveaway Promote has the absolute best giveaways, something for everyone!!

  33. There are always ome awesome giveaways listed at Giveaway Promote. I check it out every day. I have not won anything yet but hope to soon!

  34. Maxwell mtola says:

    Just joined yet to see change

  35. amani bouchoukh says:

    this web site help me a lot with finding really amazing guveaways

  36. amanda roach says:

    you have been my go to page for many years now..so organized.

  37. Krishna says:

    It is very good products up for grabs. I would like One plus products up for grabs 🙂

  38. Peter says:

    Fabweb to follow with some really outstanding contests.I have found me a goldmine.Tx.

  39. Nikolina says:

    You always have filters for worldwide giveaways – I love ya for that!

  40. Angela Warren says:

    I love that they have a variety of giveaways. You are gonna find something you like and want to enter.

  41. Angela A Simmons says:

    #1 best site ever 🙂

  42. John H. says:

    I am a fan of the giveaways!

  43. Gail says:

    You’ve opened up a whole new world of contests for me. Thank you 🙂

  44. Leilani C says:

    Love the variety of giveaways on Giveaway Promote! Makes it easy to find and to enter a variety of giveaways!

  45. I love Giveaway Promote! Thanks for making it easy to find a variety of giveaways in one place. I have this site bookmarked and I check it daily. I just hope entering will pay off soon!

  46. Gloria Walshver says:

    You have amazing giveaways that are fun to enter.

  47. Anna says:

    I like the division on the locations.

  48. Angela L. says:

    Always something to enter!

  49. ellen beck says:

    Easy to navigate and get the latest news. Love the contests.

  50. Dorothy Parungao says:

    Just discovered this site and am glad that I did. I like the variety of giveaways and ease of navigation. I will be checking back often and entering more giveaways.

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